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Joe Belvedere's Video Testimonial

Joe Belvedere is a former HIFU patient of Dr. Cochran. Watch his testimonial here!

Russ Rosenquist

HIFU Patient

Russ Rosenquist, an electrical engineer and Plano resident first met Cochran 19 years ago, when he was only 38 and accompanied a family member, who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 69, to an appointment.


“I’ll never forget Dr. Cochran pointing at me and saying, ‘I’m going to start seeing you in two years,’” Rosenquist said. “At the time I didn’t give it much thought. I was young, healthy and active, and cancer was the last thing on my mind. But, two years later I started getting screened.”


Men with a family history of prostate cancer, like Rosenquist had, are nearly four times as likely to develop the disease.

Rosenquist was diagnosed with prostate cancer at only 50 years old, and was confronted with the same choices that thousands of men in the United States face every day.

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