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Texas HIFU Partners

Texas HIFU Partners was founded by a group of medical professionals committed to advancing minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer. Led by James Cochran, MD, Texas HIFU Partners strives to provide men with a treatment option for prostate cancer that is less invasive than traditional treatment options such as surgery and radiation. Shortly after HIFU was approved by the FDA for prostate ablation, HIFU Texas Partners started making the HIFU procedure available at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. In September 2016, Texas HIFU Partners partnered with Vituro Health.

Texas HIFU Partners
Dr. James Cochran

James Cochran, MD

Experience is important.

Texas HIFU Partners was founded by 
James Cochran, MD, a leader in minimally invasive treatments for urology. 
Dr. James Cochran was one of the first physicians to use Sonablate HIFU technology, starting in 1999.
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