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Sonablate HIFU

The Sonablate is the medical device that delivers HIFU energy to the prostate to destroy tissue.
Sonablate HIFU is a minimally invasive, outpatient treatment option that does not involve surgery or radiation. The Sonablate is the only HIFU device for prostate cancer that physicians routinely perform on prostates up to 40cc in size without previously performing a TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) procedure. 

The Sonablate received approval from the FDA for prostate ablation in October 2015.

Sonablate console and chiller

Sonablate console and chiller.

Sonablate HIFU Animation graphic

The Sonablate consists of a console where the physician plans, monitors and adjusts HIFU treatment, a transrectal probe and a chiller, which is a safety device that keeps the rectum cool during the procedure.

Sonablate transrectal probe

Sonablate transrectal probe

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Sonablate Software

The Sonablate has state-of-the-art software that enables physicians to obtain real-time images of the prostate that are used to map out and target exactly where HIFU should be delivered. Once treatment plan is mapped, HIFU energy is delivered to those areas. 

Sonablate screenshot

Red dots indicate where doctor has planned to ablate prostate.

Monitoring HIFU

While HIFU is being delivered to heat and destroy tissue in the prostate, physicians have the ability to monitor how the tissue is changing and reacting. The Sonablate gives unique feedback on changes to the tissue so the physician can monitor exactly what is happening and make adjustments as needed for the best outcomes. 

Sonablate Screenshot of Tissue Changes

Red shaded areas (upper left) indicate where HIFU has been delivered. Orange, yellow and green shaded areas (upper right) show how much the tissue has changed. Orange indicates lots of change while green means there was only a small change. 

Nerve Sparing

The Sonablate can help a physician identify the location of nerves responsible for preserving potency during a HIFU procedure and avoid them as needed.  Additionally, the lesion size created by the Sonablate can be stacked to conform to the shape of the gland.

Nerve dection during HIFU

The green circle indicates the location of the neurovascular bundles (NVB). The Sonablate can identify where these are so a doctor can avoid damage to them and have a greater chance of preserving erectile function.

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Why Choose Sonablate?

Why Choose Sonablate?

HIFU is a non-invasive, outpatient treatment option that allows men to return to their normal lifestyle immediately and preserves patient quality of life.  The Sonablate is the most sophisticated HIFU technology available today for prostate tissue ablation.


The Sonablate has unique treatment and safety features that allow HIFU treatment to strike a balance that is hard to achieve with other prostate cancer treatments - increased cancer control and decreased risk of side effect that diminish patient quality of life.  

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